>Happy New Year’s Eve!


>So… In twelve hours, it’ll be a whole new year all over again.

A lot has happened even though it seems to me that my life is as boring as ever. I do try to make it exciting, you know. :)

So to celebrate another year of probable nothingness, I’m going to try to post every hour until midnight, which is quite problematic for me because I’m going out tonight and I can’t post using my mobile phone… Whatever. I’ll try to sort things out later. Or maybe I’ll just post a sum of twelve posts. No significance on the number there, I just happen to wake up at this time.

So, to start off my mini “blogathon”, I’ve stumbled upon some really awesome blogs these past few days.

My brother and I have been having nightly DVD marathons since Christmas, and we ended up watching horror flicks every time. I really don’t know how I discovered these sites, but they’re pretty great horror sites.

The Horrors of It All is a site dedicated to pre-code (referring to the Comic Code) horror comic books. This blog contains awesome scans of those comic books for all of us to enjoy – for FREE!!! And it contains links to other really cool sites.

Horror Movie a Day is just that. The author reviews one horror film per day! I like discovering old horror movies. I especially like zombie movies with the title “_ of the Dead”. Some of the ones I’ve seen are brain-numbingly stupid but the whole zombie movie genre found their redemption for me in Shaun of the Dead! Lol. Anyway, it’s an interesting read.

Cereal Killers. This is the first blog of its kind that I’ve seen. Check it out. It literally deals with cereals!!! I’d love to buy some, if there’s any available. Here’s my favorite –>

Here ends my first post. Later!

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