>Very Superficial List of My Top 10 Guys of 2007!!!


>To save you from all the murderous things I’ve been posting, here’s a bit of eye candy!

As promised, here’s my top ten list of guys that I found hot, cute, or just tickled my fancy for this year.

10. Christopher Gorham

He’s Henry from Ugly Betty, but I actually started liking him back in 1999 when he played Harrison John, a nobody in high school, in the show Popular. Few people know about this show (because they’re probably busy watching Dawson’s Creek!) which is annoying because it’s quite good. I sort of went twilight zone and downloaded the first season of Popular because I never got to finish watching it since it suddenly got canceled over here.

Why he’s on the list: He’s just adorable as a dork. And I like guys with glasses. (not all, but most)

9. David Boreanaz

He’s just hot. He was Angel in Buffy, and he was hot then. He’s still hot now in Bones as Seeley Booth with his cute patterned socks and outrageously huge belt buckles. And I absolutely love his and Tempy’s (his partner) chemistry.

Why he’s on the list: It actually is not just him. I just love his dynamics with his co-star. It makes him cuter when he goes all “dumb jock” on the show.

8. Chris Pine

Ah, Chris. I went to see his latest movie Blind Dating back in July. It was okay, except for that one hideous line that’s supposed to be the climax of the movie. (I posted it here somewhere, check in the July 2007 archive)

Why he’s on the list: Princess Diaries 2. He was just such a prince charming there. I know it deviated so much from the book but that’s why I watch the movie over and over. It’s a cheesy chick flick but whatever. It’s one of my happy movies!

7. Justin Hartley a.k.a Green Arrow/Oliver Queen

Seriously, the first time I saw Oliver Queen I was like……*faint*.

Why he’s on the list: He’s just really sexy. Seriously. Look at him! Oh and he gave me another reason to keep on watching Smallville (even though his character’s gone now :( )

6. Jake Cuenca

First local artista here! And the only one. Lol. He’s one of my superficial crushes. He’s just hot. Although his acting skills still have a lot of room for improvement, still. His a pretty face.

Why he’s on the list: I’m being pro-Pinoy! And I promised you eye candy so there. :)

5. Jensen Ackles a.k.a. Dean Winchester

He’s one of the pretty boys. He was hilarious back then and now that he’s dying (his character in Supernatural, I mean), he’s even better! He’s just an all-out joyride!

Why he’s on the list: He has great eyelashes. I want ones like his.

4. Chris Tiu

Ah. Chris.

As related to me by a friend:

Two girls were walking and complaining about their shitty week. A professor was walking behind them and he could hear them complaining.

Girl 1: I hate this week! It’s such a hell week. And my prof sucks!
Girl 2: Yeah mine too! She gave us too much homework it’s ridiculous!

Then, the two girls suddenly stopped to look at something on the bulletin board.

Girl 1: So, are you feeling better yet?
Girl 2: *sigh* Yeah I think I am.
The two girls walked away. The professor, curious as to what made them stop yakking, looked at the bulletin board and saw… …that they were looking at a picture of Chris Tiu.

Why he’s on the list: He’s just…perfect. (as far as I know) He kind of made me have faith in the male population again.

3. Eric Dane a.k.a. McSteamy

I actually saw him in Charmed where he played Phoebe’s boss, Jason Dean. I found him really attractive back then and then forgotten all about him and now he’s back in my radar.
Now I know why Addison cheated on Derek. Lol! Seriously, just look at him. If every 35-year-old man looked like him, then everyone would be happy. At least all the women will be.

Why he’s on the list: The word “McSteamy” says it all!

2. Jared Padalecki a.k.a. Sam Winchester

He may be not as much fun as Dean, but he is as good-looking. I don’t know exactly why I like him better than Dean. I mean, Sam is uptight and annoying at times and is a kind of know-it-all… But he’s still oh so hot. Really. And he’s really tall.

Why he’s on the list: Because I like geeky guys.

and the winner is…

1. Randy Orton

I just… He’s just… Oh man. He’s annoyingly arrogant, but that just makes him even sexier. And he’s really tall and muscular and hot. I should stop now.

Why he’s on the list: Because everytime I see him I go, “Damn. It should be a crime to look that good.”

It’s midnight! Happy 2008 everyone!!!

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  1. >Ooh, you noticed his eyelashes too, did you? Hahaha He does have very girly features and he wears them so well without compromising the straight male look. And since you mentioned you’re partial to guys with glasses, you should really go see those few shots of him in glasses. hahahaha

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