>Would You Stay In This House?


>I would, if there are like, 10 of us in one room and we’d never sleep.

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast is a house that’s a historical landmark in Fall River, Massachusetts, because of a terrible terrible heinous crime that happened there. Lizzie Borden, a member of one of the families that lived in that house, was said to have murdered a businessman and his wife. The verdict was “not guilty”, but still a lot of people think she did it.

The house was unoccupied for a long time, and then now it’s opened as a bed & breakfast for people who want to, I don’t know, encounter the ghost of a murderer or something. It’s a real life haunted house. One can choose to just look around and avail of cool stuff from the gift shop, or one can stay overnight and wait for the chills of the night. In the morning, they serve the same breakfast that the Bordens had when the murder happened.

I just find it really weird and twisted that this “bloodied” house can even become commercial. I mean, there’s a threat of actually encountering angry spirits or something in the middle of the night! But I guess that’s its allure, right? It’s pretty unique; I give it props for that. :) It would make a great Halloween getaway, for that extra freaky ghoulish feel.

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