>Jeff Sleeping


>My computer’s still on hiatus (even longer than the Undertaker’s recent “banishment”) so I’m using my brother’s laptop. He’s in the background watching Friends…or whatever.

Anyway, I’ve given up on reading about the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. I’ll do that tomorrow morning. If I get up early, which is unlikely. So I just researched about the current whereabouts of Bobby Lashley (one of my fave wrestlers) and of course, my childhood hero, the Undertaker.

So I found out that Lashley is no longer with WWE. I know it should have been obvious because he’s been missing from the ring for like, almost a year now. I just thought that he had a really really bad injury that needed a year to completely heal or something. I was really hoping he’d come back. Oh well. As long as he’s happy whatever he’s doing right now then that’s cool with me. I do hope to see him competing somewhere else though.

I’m starting to wonder about the working conditions in WWE. Well maybe the corporate side isn’t so bad (or maybe it’s worse!) than the performing side (is that the right term?). It seems like there are a lot of superstars who quit because they were “maltreated” or something. In Lashley’s official site http://www.BOBBY-LASHLEY.net, they said something about the reason why he left. if you remember, Lashley got injured in a match with Mr. Kennedy. That was around August 2007. So he needed surgery and 4 months off. He was scheduled to come back in December but he wasn’t contacted by Vince McMahon when the time was nearing. So that kinda frustrated him, and then there was another one about his girlfriend who’s a Diva about refusing to do a storyline. So I guess that and other things added up and led to his quitting. So there. I’m just wondering what…what goes on there? I’d really love to be part of the WWE Creative Team some time after I graduate, but I don’t know, I don’t want to write something that would cause a superstar to quit like that. I’ve always thought that the creative writers write an assortment of storylines that are equally good, and then they hold meetings with the superstars and let them pick which one they like best or if they want to push a certain storyline, they still discuss it with the superstars involved and compromise if they need to. I thought it was a democracy over there.

So about the title. Lol. Haha. I’m still in my Jeff Hardy phase right now. I was just surfing around and I found these at Emily & Amy’s Public Gallery. They have great WWE wallpapers there.

Jeff just looks too cute asleep. :)

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