>Lifehouse in Manila = AWESOME!!!


>I just came home from the concert. Man, it was short but sweet. It lasted for only an hour and a half but it was worth every painful penny. They sang about 10-12 songs, I wasn’t able to keep count because I was partly busy adjusting my camera which could only record 4 minutes of video (I don’t know why, it was 500mb), and partly screaming my lungs out.

Jason and the rest were simply magnificent. They were very energetic, running and jumping around the stage. They really looked like they were having fun with us. The whole coliseum was really pumped up. The house was packed to the brim. I actually vacated my seat and ran as near to the stage as the big thugs would allow me. Haha. I got to the fifth row, I think. Even though I didn’t know the lyrics to all their songs, I just jumped along with the people beside me. Marvelous. I think I sweat off my whole lunch.

They sang my most favoritest song in the world, Hanging by a Moment. I guess it’s pretty obvious that they’re gonna sing it because it’s their first hit ever here in the Philippines (or was it Sick Cycle Carousel? Basta.). They also sang You & Me (okay, stop saying duh). I also wished they’d perform Everything. But they didn’t. Sigh. It’s one of the…I don’t know, it’s a “swelling song”. You know, the one that starts low and slow and then swells towards the end and then you unconsciously start banging your head. It was one of Smallville’s Lana+Clark songs. Lol.

Anyway, I didn’t get that many pictures because of the weird camera memory thing. I did get several videos though. I’m gonna work on compiling and uploading them here some time later. As of now, here are the only pics. :)

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