Music Pop Culture Theory


Alright, now all of you will know how young I am. Yes, I prefer to use young, hoping that I can defy the aging process through sheer force of will.

And as Ross from Friends said, “And the word you’re looking for is…. ANYWAY….”

There’s a fun existential theory I found while blog-hopping. It states:

“The song that was number one on the week of your birth will dictate the theme of the rest of your life.”

So, curious and a little bored, I searched for the #1 song on the week of my birthday (July 28). It turned out that there are several music charts (I only knew of Billboard) out there and some of them have different takes on what a week is i.e. Sunday – Saturday, Monday – Sunday, Saturday – Friday. I decided to go with Billboard since for me, it’s the most trustworthy (and again, the only one I know).

As you can see in the picture on the right, the number one song on the week of the day of my birth is Alone by Heart. I was familiarΒ with this song and when Carrie Underwood sang it, it sent shivers down my body. But it’s a freakin’ sad song. It’s basically about this girl who’s pining after this guy who has no idea that she likes him (story of my life right there) and she’s considering telling him (never really got to this point – I’m too scared).

I can really relate to it in the sense that, yes, I’ve always gotten by on my own. I didn’t really care that I’m always in the midst of couples and I’m the only one single (I have been a 7th wheel. Yes, really. Most people can only stand until the 5th). I’ve generally been a happy person. I can be negative, but I am happy (if there’s such a thing! lol). But then I meet someone that piques my interest and makes me aware of that thing missing in my life. Then I proceed to like that person, and then really like, and then really really like, and then you come to the point when I wake up in the morning and the first thing that pops up in my head is his name. When I’ve had a terrible day, he’s the one I wanted to tell. I often wonder what he’s doing at that very moment. Β I wanted to be talking with him all the time. Each day that I knew him better, I thought, wow, this guy may not be Brad Pitt but he sure does have everything I want in a guy. The line “You don’t know how long I’ve waited” can’t even begin to describe how looooooooooooooooong I’ve waited. Hint: I started right around when this song hit #1. ;)

I need another song to describe how that all ended though.

According to the other top music charts I checked out, the #1 song on my birthdate is Shakedown by Bob Seger. It’s a famous soundtrack to a movie about Β a cop investigating a shooting. It’s an action/comedy starring Eddie Murphy. The lyrics says something about someone chasing someone else (a criminal, maybe) and tells him that no matter how long you’ve been running, at some point I will catch you.

Alright, so based on this theory, I will either die of unrequited love or be thrown in jail, escape, get hunted down, and get caught. Great. Well, I don’t really believe in these things but when I found out about Alone, yeah. It sums up just about every experience I had when it came to love. I just really hope that I won’t have to go through that for the rest of my life. I can only take so much.

So what’s your life’s song?

Check out the videos below.

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