Crazy Stupid Love


It’s been a  while since I’ve seen a romantic comedy that left me completely satisfied as the credits rolled.

The movie is about a couple who got married early and were now in that age when guys feel the urge to buy red sports cars and women… I don’t know, look for younger guys. As with most couples, they’ve been so comfortable with each other for such a long time that even the weekly date nights have already become routine and boring.

Faced with a prospective divorce, Cal (played by Steve Carell) embarked on a self-pity journey in a local bar where he met Jacob (played by Ryan Gosling), a smooth talker and resident bar hottie. Jacob took Cal under his tutelage and gave him “moves like Jagger”. (Yes, I had to.) Reluctantly at first, Cal embraced the single life again, getting into several crazy situations. Jacob, on the other hand, was caught off guard when he met someone who, for the first time, resisted his charms.

Others found this movie boring, but I found it really funny. I can’t say exactly why – maybe I was in the right mood when I saw this. Maybe I was with the right people. All I know is that my friend and I kept laughing our heads off the entire movie. I was never much of a fan of Steve Carell but I think his brand of comedy was effective in this movie.  I never knew Ryan Gosling can actually be funny – I’m partly chalking that up to Emma Stone’s comedic chops.

It’s a very fun story about something that happens all the time. Long-time couples often find themselves getting bored, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love each other anymore. This movie reinforces the saying, “You’ll never know what you have until it’s gone.” It’s a very sweet movie that deals with love in various stages of life. For the more mature audience, Steve Carell and Julianne Moore’s love story is truly touching and heart-warming. Ryan and Emma’s thing is a wish-fulfillment for those in their 20’s or 30’s who secretly still believe in fairy tales. Teenagers experiencing the first stirrings of love have something for them in this movie as well. These intertwined love stories show us that being in love can indeed make us go crazy and stupid, but if you keep at it, the love you get in return will be well worth it.

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