Final Destination 5


At some point in the movie, I was thinking, “Why the heck am I watching this?!”

I’m not squeamish when it comes to blood and gore, but the really disgusting ways that the survivors die are just seriously graphic. The part I hate the most is the anticipation. You know that something gruesome is about to happen yet there’s that still and eerily calm scene to go through before the terror begins. I don’t close my eyes in horror movies (I just cover my ears – I know, it’s weird) but I did have one eye shut a couple of times during this. It’s not that it’s scary. It’s just so bloody… well, bloody.

Since this is the 5th installment, we all know that they’re gonna die one way or another. Story-wise, this movie is just crap. There is no story there. Sure, there’s that tiny thing about a couple breaking up and stuff and other attempts of giving characters some backstory but it’s pure fluff, placed there for the sake of making it start off like everything’s normal.

I know that most people will watch this just for the gore. If you’re into cool, unexpected ways to die, then this will satisfy your hunger. I was expecting a certain kind of disaster based on the trailers but they did a good job at misdirecting me. There was a gymnastics scene where I was expecting the girl to step on the nail and die (relax, it’s in the trailer!). There were a lot of things being focused on by the camera, hinting at the elements that could lead to the death of the gymnast. Just as the image of her demise was forming in my head, BAM! I was wrong. That was the biggest curveball for me. The others were pretty much what the trailer showed. Still, those were really disturbing.

We watched it in 3D. Oh so expensive, but the 3D-ness was quite good. Unlike the past couple of Harry Potter films where there were barely any 3D scenes and those present aren’t even that in-your-face to make the crazy ticket price worth it, Final Destination 5 had several scenes greatly enhanced by the 3D tech. I did push back against my chair when a bloody pole seemed to stick out of the cinema screen.

If you’re trying to save up and only have a little money to spare, don’t waste it on this. Unless you’re really really insanely into the whole bloody-disgusting-guts-all-around kind of movie, it’s best you go see something else. This movie left me and my friend paranoid for a couple of days though, so kudos to that.

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