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iStep’s Top 10 Guys of 2011


Only a little over an hour left of 2011 here in the Philippines. While waiting for the whole world to start exploding, I’d like to share my annual uber-shallow post of the Top 10 Guys I think are supermegafoxyHOT (yeah, that’s a clue right there ;]) for this year.

This list is composed of celebrities local and international, including five “special mentions”. I don’t have legit qualifications where I base my ratings from. I could include talent and attractiveness to one but not the other. Basically, it’s all about how much I like them. Some won’t even make sense. Lol. You might agree, you might not, but it’s my list. :)

So without further ado, let me usher in the last year in the Mayan calendar with the following list!

Note: I don’t own any of the pictures featured so thanks to whomever the rightful owners are. 

10. Kit Harington

He’s a newcomer to TV. He plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. He shows great potential. He is oh so cute!!! I read the book after seeing the TV series and I think he did the character justice. Looking forward to the next season and more projects from this guy!

9. Gerard Butler

My Gerry. This guy’s been the #1 on my list for the past couple of years. I mean, how manlier can anyone get? He has a nice smile and his accent is just to die for. And his singing voice is so rockstar! I know that the movie version of Phantom of the Opera is supposed to be crap but Gerry’s performance made me feel for the Phantom. I seldom cry at movies and this one can make me use up a roll of tissue whenever I watch it. I know that Mr. Butler has made some really bad romantic comedies, but hey, he’s hot enough to justify the ticket price. Lol. I love you, Ger, but I’m sorry you dropped to the near-bottom of the list. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know either. I guess I just need to see something more from him. Machine Gun Preacher is showing soon so I bet that’d bump him up a couple of notches. :)

8. Simon Baker

I first saw him a few years ago in a random movie on HBO and I thought he was handsome in a not-so-usual way. Then, I saw him in Land of the Dead and thought, “Why is this guy the lead again? ” It was a zombie movie and he looked too polished and refined to be there. Didn’t know he was the same guy. Then came The Mentalist and his character there is just awesome, like a less violent but more psychotic Gregory House. He got me curious about him and I searched for all his other movies. He’s a pretty decent actor. A pity they let him cover his marvelous Australian accent. Oh, and did I mention that when he smiles, it’s like the whole world lights up and smiles with him?

7.  Chris Evans

First superhero on the list! I kind of support the “one superhero character per actor please” movement but no, I won’t complain about him getting the Captain America gig. I may not have read the comics, but I think he handled the character well. It was a pretty fun movie for a superhero flick. And during that scene when he emerged from the tube thing all tall and extra buff, I bet all the girls had the same reaction as Peggy Carter when she saw the abs. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go see the movie. I normally don’t like pretty guys (and I consider him one) but he just looks so darn sweet when he smiles.

6. Ian Somerhalder

The eyes on this guy… I actually do not like looking at his eyes because they scare me. They’re too… hypnotic, that sometimes I feel like he could actually compel me through the screen. Ian Somerhalder is on this list because his performance as Damon Salvatore is just perfect. He’s like the vampire version of Dean Winchester – incredibly sexy and smart-ass with all the vulnerability trapped deep down inside. I just hope he doesn’t become Dean season 4 onwards. That’s just plain hopeless and tortured, but still kick ass. Ian is also very smart, eloquent, and cares a lot about the environment and people (that’s why he has a foundation).

5. Paul Wesley

Actually, it’s not Paul Wesley per se but Stefan Salvatore that I find hot. He turned his humanity off and became bad ass! He is so much sexier when he’s all callous and unfeeling. The brooding, emotional-and-trying-to-hide-it thing got old last season. But I don’t want him to be totally emotion-free. Bromance, after all, is a very strong connection. ;) But of course, I commend Paul the actor for playing this character splendidly. Why did he score higher than the other Salvatore? Well, I don’t know either. He’s just more my type, that’s all.

4. Michael Trevino and Taylor Kinney 

I just found out a week ago that Michael is the new model for a huge local clothing brand. I can’t believe no one made a fuss about his gigantic billboard along one of the busiest roads in this city! I mean, people made a HUGE deal about Ed Westwick being a model for an equally popular local clothing company. I get that. He’s cute and he’s Chuck Bass. But Michael Trevino is freakin’ Tyler Lockwood! He plays a real (not just a shapeshifter!) werewolf in The Vampire Diaries. True, his character needs a little more ooomph to get him to the Chuck Bass level but man, is he hot! He also has a gorgeous smile.

On the same spot is the actor who plays his uncle Mason Lockwood, who’s another werewolf, Taylor Kinner. His stint in TVD was brief but his hotness had an impact. Seriously, are fab abs a prerequisite to being a werewolf?

3. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles

These two are here as one because, well, what’s Dean if Sam isn’t there, right? I mean, they made separate horror movies and those were just… meh. So that means they should always be together. Lol. Kidding. They are so equally awesome and funny on camera and off that even though Supernatural went through two years of crap, I still kept watching. I’m also like to mention Mischa Collins here because man, that guy made SPN even more awesome than it already is, and him and these two guys’ chemistry are just… fanfreakintastic!

2. Chris Hemsworth

He only had a few minutes of screen time in the new Star Trek movie but that’s all it took for me to notice him. Then he became Thor!!! The movie wasn’t awesome but man, it was worth the money because of him. He did Thor’s cockiness justice. His Australian accent is also so very sexy. Really, hotness overload. Sorry, I don’t really know a lot about this guy. But he just looks so freakin’ manly and laid back and his eyes are beautiful! Oh, he’s playing the huntsman in the upcoming Snow White flick, which stars Kristen Stewart as the titular character. I am giving Kristen the benefit of the doubt and will go watch this movie. I wanna believe that she has more talent than just being Bella.

1. Darren Criss

I know that some of my friends who’re reading this are all going WTF?!?!?!?! Yeah. Well, as I said, you can’t help who you like. LOL! Darren’s #1 this year because he kinda dominated my celeb-crush-0-meter all year. Unlike some of the guys on the list whom I just kind of “obsessed” over for a couple of months and then that’s that, Darren was consistently adorable and amazing. How? Well, he was able to get me to keep watching Glee! I actually stopped watching that show after a couple of episodes into season 2 because it got tedious and blah. Then early 2011, I saw an episode with Darren in it and BAM! Watching til the day he ceases being on the show. Also, he’s Harry freakin’ Potter! Hahaha! And he’s weird, in a good way. He’s extremely energetic, he forgets lyrics to his songs, he dances like he’s epileptic, and wears hot pink shades. Really, if it were any other guy with these qualities, I’d be more inclined to punch him in the face. But Darren is Darren. Some hate his overly happy disposition but I think it’s adorable. He’s out there but at the same time he’s a private guy. He loves his family AND Disney movies. Only a guy who’s totally comfortable with his masculinity would admit that. Heck, I don’t even admit that I like some Disney movies (well now you know). I just think that it’d be so much fun to have a friend like him, like everyday would be an adventure. His nice voice and beautiful smile doesn’t hurt either.

Special Mentions:

Damien McGinty

This guy’s singing voice is just FREAKING AMAZING. I chanced upon a rerun of the Glee Project one lazy night and saw him. I never intended to watch that show but Damien singing just caught my attention. His voice is just so smooth and deep and lovely to listen to. His Irish accent is a plus to his innate cuteness too.

Dean Geyer

He plays Mark the soldier in Terra Nova. Oh and apparently, he’s a rockstar. He won a major singing competition in Australia (Australian Idol, I think?). I know almost nothing about him other than that he has beautiful eyes. But he looks good as a soldier, and I love his pairing with the lead guy’s teenage girl. They look so cute! Can’t wait what this guy can do.

Zac Efron

I can’t believe that I’d have this guy on my list, even in the special mentions section. But his performance in New Year’s Eve got him here. Zac has grown so much out of his HSM-ness. He now actually looks like a man. In short, he got so much hotter. His and Michelle Pfieffer’s little story was, for me, the thing that didn’t make that movie suck.

Phil and James Younghusband

Some may say that these Pinoy football stars are overrated. I don’t know what to say because I know nothing about football. Maybe they are, maybe they’re not, but they are definitely cute. And for sure they also are very fit since they’re football stars! It’s also worth mentioning that Phil scored the only goal in the Philippine Azkals vs. LA Galaxy friendly game early this month, so that has to count for something.

Xian Lim

He’s a local actor. I don’t really watch local TV, but I sometimes hang out at my parents’ room and they watch local soap operas. Xian happens to star in one. I also don’t have crushes on local celebrities but he’s just really cute!!! He does seem like an a-hole though. I mean, I don’t know him at all but he gives off that vibe. Acting skills? Still has a ginormous room for improvement. But I did mention this is a shallow list. ;)

The Charming Simon Baker


Simon Baker as Riley Denbo in "Land of the Dead"Simon Baker.

(This isn’t a serious, read-the-subtext-review-the-actor kind of post. It’s just gonna be me gushing on him.)

I first saw him maybe a year or so ago on HBO. It was a movie about a woman, a corporate go-getter type, who was told she needed to “let go and let flow” by her friends because of something that happened in her past (I think she was left at the altar), which caused her to be extremely uptight and safe in her choices.

So, a friend of hers at work set her up with a blind date. She was surprised to find that her date was Caucasian. She and her friends were African-American and she’s never dated outside of that. Almost instantaneously, she rejected the guy. Later on, she met him again in a party held at an estate that was beautifully landscaped. She complimented the work, and the owner referred her to the landscape artist, which turned out to be the guy she rejected.

The woman got her new house’s backyard landscape and, after all the restraint and conflict, the two fell in love and lived happily ever after.

That guy was Simon Baker.

I know that was a long prelude. :) It wasn’t even the best movie but I never quite forgot it because of Simon Baker. I don’t know why he caught my eye that time. His acting was fine, not that I’m the best judge of acting, but it was very natural. Of course, he looked great, very chill with his tousled hair and relaxed clothing.

Then my friends started talking about the show, The Mentalist. It piqued my curiosity because they said it was good. It turned out that the lead actor was Simon Baker! Of course, I set out to watch it at once. It’s a really good show. True, the construction of the cast and the basic set-up was quite similar to Castle (also a little bit like Bones), but Simon’s character, Patrick Jane, a hyper-observant who used to pretend to be a psychic and now helps the police solve crimes, makes the show interesting. It’s like Psych and and Castle put together!

Also, in this show, he always wears this look of benign amusement. Always. He also smiles a lot, which just blows me away. At first glance, he’s not the most handsome actor out there. But when he smiles… I don’t know what happens exactly. It’s like his whole face smiles and emits an explosion of sunshine, and all I can do is sigh and stare. He looks so sweet and kind, even when he’s being obnoxious. He’s just too lovable.

This set of photos are screenshots from Land of the Dead. I saw this alone in a cinema when it was released. I did think he was cute then, too, but I was more interested in the zombies to pay attention (lol). This actually adds like a gazillion handsome points to him. A zombie movie under his belt – What what!

>Jeff Sleeping


>My computer’s still on hiatus (even longer than the Undertaker’s recent “banishment”) so I’m using my brother’s laptop. He’s in the background watching Friends…or whatever.

Anyway, I’ve given up on reading about the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. I’ll do that tomorrow morning. If I get up early, which is unlikely. So I just researched about the current whereabouts of Bobby Lashley (one of my fave wrestlers) and of course, my childhood hero, the Undertaker.

So I found out that Lashley is no longer with WWE. I know it should have been obvious because he’s been missing from the ring for like, almost a year now. I just thought that he had a really really bad injury that needed a year to completely heal or something. I was really hoping he’d come back. Oh well. As long as he’s happy whatever he’s doing right now then that’s cool with me. I do hope to see him competing somewhere else though.

I’m starting to wonder about the working conditions in WWE. Well maybe the corporate side isn’t so bad (or maybe it’s worse!) than the performing side (is that the right term?). It seems like there are a lot of superstars who quit because they were “maltreated” or something. In Lashley’s official site, they said something about the reason why he left. if you remember, Lashley got injured in a match with Mr. Kennedy. That was around August 2007. So he needed surgery and 4 months off. He was scheduled to come back in December but he wasn’t contacted by Vince McMahon when the time was nearing. So that kinda frustrated him, and then there was another one about his girlfriend who’s a Diva about refusing to do a storyline. So I guess that and other things added up and led to his quitting. So there. I’m just wondering what…what goes on there? I’d really love to be part of the WWE Creative Team some time after I graduate, but I don’t know, I don’t want to write something that would cause a superstar to quit like that. I’ve always thought that the creative writers write an assortment of storylines that are equally good, and then they hold meetings with the superstars and let them pick which one they like best or if they want to push a certain storyline, they still discuss it with the superstars involved and compromise if they need to. I thought it was a democracy over there.

So about the title. Lol. Haha. I’m still in my Jeff Hardy phase right now. I was just surfing around and I found these at Emily & Amy’s Public Gallery. They have great WWE wallpapers there.

Jeff just looks too cute asleep. :)

>Feeling Sick


>I’m not feeling very well right now. Fever hasn’t really come on yet, but my throat has been scratchy since last night so that usually means that I’m getting toncilitis again. The weather isn’t helping too. There can be mornings that are extremely hot and then it will rain hard during the afternoon. There are times when it’s just gonna rain on and off all day like awhile ago. I really can’t predict the weather, and most of the time I forget to bring an umbrella so I end up having to walk in the rain to get to my next class.

My head’s starting to hurt a little bit now. Great. And I have 8 chapters to memorize tomorrow for my long test in History on Wednesday.

Wait a minute, it already is tomorrow.

Argh. I gotta go to sleep. But I’ve just woken up from a long nap about three hours ago so right now I’m not ready for bed yet. I hope I do feel better in a few hours because besides the gazzilion pages of readings I have to go through, I also have to draw about a dozen scenes for a short video for my school org. And I have to photoshop things. And I have to finish the script for the video. And I have to make a powerpoint presentation for the general assembly.

I have no idea how I’m gonna do all that in a day while I am sick.

However, I found something that made me feel a little bit better.

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m in a Jeff Hardy phase. Still am. I actually tuned out during Philosophy awhile ago (which is something I rarely ever do because the lessons are hard to follow) because of him. Just daydreaming, you know. Girl stuff.

Look for him for my annual year-end 10 hottest guys list. :) Randy Orton may get bumped off the top spot this year.

Anyway, I found this pic of Jeff. As the original poster of this pic in a forum said, he is “insanely adorable”.

He really is.

I never noticed that he has dimples before. Oh man. *melts*

I can’t wait ’til Friday when I get to see him again in Smackdown.

I have no life.

>Skittles and Jeff Hardy


>I was surfing the net last night, partly researching for my thesis, partly searching for whatever I could find. I just saw Night of Champions a few hours earlier, and the WWE Draft 2008 two days back so my head was still quite full of WWE. So while reading a pretty long pdf file about persuasion theories, I suddenly decided to look for WWE fanfics.

I know, it’s weird. About a month ago, I didn’t even know those existed. But hey, they were there. So I looked for Jeff Hardy fics. I don’t know why. I just really really admire him and his acrobatics and his multi-colored hair. I guess I’ve unwittingly developed a crush on him or something. Lol.

Anyway, the fics I found were mostly about John Cena. Like 15 out of 20 fics per page are about John Cena. If only it were two years ago, I would’ve devoured all of it. Haha. So I found a couple of Jeff fics, but regrettably, a paragraph into those works and I’m already bored outta my wits. There was one that kind of held my attention for a bit, but it’s like the author’s main mode of sustenance is cursing. Every other word is a cuss word. Pity, I actually found the first chapter quite funny.

After a few more fics, I stumbled upon this really cute and hilarious one shot, Feeling Skitty. This is by far the best Matt and Jeff fic I’ve read, even if it’s only like, a page long. It’s so cute and funny! And it actually made me go buy Skittles at the grocery today. Lol! :)

Oh, and I just found out that Jeff is already married. Yey for him and her, sniff sniff for me. :( And I saw this preview of a The Hardy Show episode, and Jeff pissed himself! He filmed himself pissing himself. It was really disgusting but a little bit funny too. Yeah, I’m a bit weird. His wife didn’t look too happy. Haha. It was such a huge turn off for me though. But I still love him because he’s insane. :)

>Very Superficial List of My Top 10 Guys of 2007!!!


>To save you from all the murderous things I’ve been posting, here’s a bit of eye candy!

As promised, here’s my top ten list of guys that I found hot, cute, or just tickled my fancy for this year.

10. Christopher Gorham

He’s Henry from Ugly Betty, but I actually started liking him back in 1999 when he played Harrison John, a nobody in high school, in the show Popular. Few people know about this show (because they’re probably busy watching Dawson’s Creek!) which is annoying because it’s quite good. I sort of went twilight zone and downloaded the first season of Popular because I never got to finish watching it since it suddenly got canceled over here.

Why he’s on the list: He’s just adorable as a dork. And I like guys with glasses. (not all, but most)

9. David Boreanaz

He’s just hot. He was Angel in Buffy, and he was hot then. He’s still hot now in Bones as Seeley Booth with his cute patterned socks and outrageously huge belt buckles. And I absolutely love his and Tempy’s (his partner) chemistry.

Why he’s on the list: It actually is not just him. I just love his dynamics with his co-star. It makes him cuter when he goes all “dumb jock” on the show.

8. Chris Pine

Ah, Chris. I went to see his latest movie Blind Dating back in July. It was okay, except for that one hideous line that’s supposed to be the climax of the movie. (I posted it here somewhere, check in the July 2007 archive)

Why he’s on the list: Princess Diaries 2. He was just such a prince charming there. I know it deviated so much from the book but that’s why I watch the movie over and over. It’s a cheesy chick flick but whatever. It’s one of my happy movies!

7. Justin Hartley a.k.a Green Arrow/Oliver Queen

Seriously, the first time I saw Oliver Queen I was like……*faint*.

Why he’s on the list: He’s just really sexy. Seriously. Look at him! Oh and he gave me another reason to keep on watching Smallville (even though his character’s gone now :( )

6. Jake Cuenca

First local artista here! And the only one. Lol. He’s one of my superficial crushes. He’s just hot. Although his acting skills still have a lot of room for improvement, still. His a pretty face.

Why he’s on the list: I’m being pro-Pinoy! And I promised you eye candy so there. :)

5. Jensen Ackles a.k.a. Dean Winchester

He’s one of the pretty boys. He was hilarious back then and now that he’s dying (his character in Supernatural, I mean), he’s even better! He’s just an all-out joyride!

Why he’s on the list: He has great eyelashes. I want ones like his.

4. Chris Tiu

Ah. Chris.

As related to me by a friend:

Two girls were walking and complaining about their shitty week. A professor was walking behind them and he could hear them complaining.

Girl 1: I hate this week! It’s such a hell week. And my prof sucks!
Girl 2: Yeah mine too! She gave us too much homework it’s ridiculous!

Then, the two girls suddenly stopped to look at something on the bulletin board.

Girl 1: So, are you feeling better yet?
Girl 2: *sigh* Yeah I think I am.
The two girls walked away. The professor, curious as to what made them stop yakking, looked at the bulletin board and saw… …that they were looking at a picture of Chris Tiu.

Why he’s on the list: He’s just…perfect. (as far as I know) He kind of made me have faith in the male population again.

3. Eric Dane a.k.a. McSteamy

I actually saw him in Charmed where he played Phoebe’s boss, Jason Dean. I found him really attractive back then and then forgotten all about him and now he’s back in my radar.
Now I know why Addison cheated on Derek. Lol! Seriously, just look at him. If every 35-year-old man looked like him, then everyone would be happy. At least all the women will be.

Why he’s on the list: The word “McSteamy” says it all!

2. Jared Padalecki a.k.a. Sam Winchester

He may be not as much fun as Dean, but he is as good-looking. I don’t know exactly why I like him better than Dean. I mean, Sam is uptight and annoying at times and is a kind of know-it-all… But he’s still oh so hot. Really. And he’s really tall.

Why he’s on the list: Because I like geeky guys.

and the winner is…

1. Randy Orton

I just… He’s just… Oh man. He’s annoyingly arrogant, but that just makes him even sexier. And he’s really tall and muscular and hot. I should stop now.

Why he’s on the list: Because everytime I see him I go, “Damn. It should be a crime to look that good.”

It’s midnight! Happy 2008 everyone!!!

>Yet Another Week


>Another Monday is over. Well, what happened? Not much, as always.
I actually got up early today. I slept at around 2Am, which usually means that I’d get up at around 11 or 12 noon already. But today, I got up before 7AM. And it’s not the groggy sort of wakefulness. I was fully awake and ready to go. Maybe my body finally recognized my desire to be productive this week.

Finally, after almost a week, I finished reading the article about Turkish speakers in Greece for Com Res. Yep. It’s no use actually. I didn’t get to answer the question. I didn’t even understand the freakin’ question. It was left hanging, for us to figure out on our own.

So anyway, I got a client to tutor already. Which is great. Ok, not really. The pay is a bit small, but what the heck. It’s experience. My only problem is that the place of the kid I’m supposed to teach is far far away. I don’t know how to commute, and my salary isn’t enough to pay for our car’s gas. Agh. I’m gonna give it a try this week though. And then if it gets too expensive, I’d request for another client.

I’m scared that I might not be able to control the kid. I’m not too good with kids. He/She might get scared of me.

Sooo… My brother’s coming home from Hong Kong tomorrow. I’m excited! I hope we’d go out for breakfast. I wonder what he brought home for me.

I’m in a blank/boring mood today so please excuse me…

I just wanna say that I’m sooo *in love* with Randy Orton right now. (hence the photo wave lol!) Isn’t he beautiful? He actually looks better with clothes on…

I miss DX!!!!

>It’s Sunday. Let Me Sleep.


>First of all, Happy Mothers’ Day to all your moms and all the mothers out there. Have a fun day.

So, I haven’t slept yet. That’s right. You can now imagine how humongous and dark my eyebags are. I look like a raccoon WITH a black eye. Imagine that. But anyway, since it’s mommy’s day, I decided to get out of bed and go with them to do whatever mom wants to do. I heard that it involves shopping, so yay for me! Dad said something about buying some clothes for summer… I don’t get it. Summer only has 3 weeks left in it. But whatever. This is one of those very rare shopping moments, and I fully intend to take advantage of it. A couple of tops wouldn’t hurt. I mean, nothing fits me anymore. Yes, I’ve eaten that much in the past two months.

Anyway, what occupies me this blisteringly hot time of the year? Well, besides summer class, or should I say, summer torture, I’ve found some great sites! Where you could earn money, that is. What, what were you thinking? Uh-huh.

So anyway, I really wanna save up because I wanna do something after graduation. True, that is still 2 years away. But I need all the time I could get.

What is it, you ask?


Okay, okay. I’ll tell you.

You see, since two years ago, I’ve been wanting to do some volunteer work abroad. Not that we don’t need volunteers here at home, we really do, but I just wanna do it abroad. Travel and help at the same time! I initially wanted to go to Africa and take care of the children there. I’m not going Angelina Jolie though and adopt all of the orphans there. Well, maybe if I’ve found my Brad by then I would… And if I’ve got as much money as she does. Which I doubt I would. Unless luck decides to take pity on me and make me win the lottery or something. So there. Then I found this great site: Global Volunteer Network. It offers volunteer work in a whole lot more other countries. I didn’t know there were others that needed help. So now I’m torn between Africa and New Zealand. And Romania. I’d like to go there. Or South Dakota. Then after volunteering I could just drive all the way to Disneyland Florida! Woohoo! I know, it’s all the way at the other side of the US, but I a girl can dream. The thing is, registration alone costs $350. That’s like 16,500+ in Philippine Pesos. That’s like, 4 months’ allowance. 2 weeks of volunteering (I’m having NZ as example) costs $600. That’s 28,314 – another 7 months’ allowance. So we now have 11 months of allowance eaten up. I have to not spend anything for 11 months (which is impossible as I have to eat some time). I don’t even know how much plane fare costs. I’d say, I need about $2500 all in all. Plane, fees, pocket cash. That’s 117,975 php. Equivalent to 2 whole school years of allowance (I don’t get allowance during summer, even now, when I’m suffering in school I don’t get allowance. Argh. I’m on the verge of bankruptcy.) including birthday money and Christmas money and whatever money I get my hands on. I don’t think it’ll even be enough.

Thinking about it makes me depressed.

But anyway, I’ve found a few sites that I think can help me with my dilemma. (Click on the links to check them out)

1. MyLot – this is a discusion site. You post, you earn. Simple as that. Enjoyable too since you can talk about whatever you want. Just keep it nice and clean. People are really nice too. They pay through Paypal or E-gold.

2. SlashMySearch - this is a search engine. You search, you earn, and you give to charity too! It’s that great. They pay in Paypal, E-gold, or checks.

3. TaketheInternetBack – this is one of those survey sites that mails you surveys and you just have to click a link to confirm it and then you earn. It’s fairly easy and it’s free to join so you won’t lose anything. They pay through PayPal, E-gold and checks.

4. Hits4Pay – another one of those read emails to earn survey sites. Pretty much like TIB.

So there. That’s what I’ve been up to recently. My favorite, of course, is MyLot and SlashMySearch. They’re the most enjoyable ones!

Anyway, let’s talk about TV. Heroes, most specifically. Who watches Heroes? Mmm-hmm. I see a lot of hands up. Isn’t it great? It’s just a really really amazing and exciting and unpredictable show. Keeps me on my toes all the time. And kind of hard to remember. The details, I mean. When summer classes are done, I’m gonna re-watch the whole season one. If they don’t already kill Sylar by the last episode, that is. It’s almost finale time, and I’m really really excited. What will Hiro do?!?! The poor little guy doesn’t have a murderous bone in his body but the comic book is telling him that he has to be the one to kill Sylar! So what does that little girl have to do with this? I wonder when she’ll come into action. Will Claire really leave for Paris? What if Peter explodes? And he will.

Speaking of those two… I know they’re supposed to be uncle and niece in the show. But they just really really look cute together! Just don’t mind the 12-year age gap. Here, take a look.

Aren’t they adorable? Hollywood has pretty strange hook-ups after all. So why not them? In real life I mean. They seem to get along really well. But with me only two years older than Claire (Hayden Panatierre), Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) does seem really old. I mean, really old. He’s 30. That’s really old. But only because we’re still in this age group. When we hit mid-twenties he’d be about just the right age. Ha ha!

And look how Peter Petrelli turned out. In the beginning, he is the most useless and pathetic character ever. Now I believe he has the coolest power! I think he’s the most powerful of all. He can absorb powers without killing people. (Hiro’s is the second coolest! Yatta! Lol!) I found out that he was also in Gilmore Girls, for quite a long time at that. Really, I have to watch Gilmore Girls now. All the cute guys are there. And Alexis Bledel is just beautiful and sweet. Really. I mean, does she look 25 to you? No. She can still pass for a high school freshman. I wish I looked that young! But Milo on the other hand, looked really weird before Heroes. Well, okay it wasn’t that bad. But he looked so young when he was at Gilmore Girls! Check this out.

See? I think guys get better looking as they age. Okay, not all. Some. Most Hollywood guys. I mean, I saw McDreamy in this movie which title is unknown to me and he looked really young and frail. Look how he turned out now. Some guys just looks better when they hit 30. I wish all 30-year-old guys are like that. But alas, the normal people have beer bellies by then. But just look at Milo. I thought he was cute-ish before. Now I know it’s a lot more than that. He’s freakin’ gorgeous!

I guess that’s why they picked him to be the exploding one.

Anyway, it’s WWE time! I wanna see the Undertaker and Batista hack on each other. Although the outcome of the match has already been spoiled for me, and it was a very disappointing one, still. It’s a cage match! With Batista and the Undertaker!!!


>Two Days ‘Til Halloween…and Prison Break Stuff



Two days to go ’til the day of the Weird.

I dressed in black and orange when we went out to dinner tonight. I also had three buttons pinned on my shirt for a little flair – a pumpkin head, one of Jack Skellington, and one with a skull and crossed bones (it’s an anti-piracy button, but I just used it for the skull part). I’m really feeling Halloweenish now, and as my moon phase thingy at the bottom of my sidebar says, the moon’s probably gonna be half full by the 31st. I really hope so. The perfect Halloween is one with a full moon, but I guess I have to wait a year or so for that to happen.

I’ve been watching the first season of Prison Break . I had doubts about that series. I wasn’t willing to watch it at first because I’m not really into prison stories or something like NYPD Blue or Law and Order. I love CSI, but that’s different, I think.

So I’ve ran out of things to watch and I gotta empty my hard disk or else my computer would crash. Prison Break’s the last one left so, having nothing else to do but sleep, I played the pilot episode.

One word: GENIUS.

It’s just amazing how the character Michael Scofield’s brain works. He was able to sketch an artwork based on the blueprints of a prison and tattoo it on his whole upper body as a map. I mean, he is sooo well prepared and he was able to foresee everything. He was able to prepare for every step, things he needed to do and to use and places he had to go. When he faces a setback, he gets out of it brilliantly. My gosh, in that episode where he burnt himself (therefore erasing part of the map tattoo) and got shoved into the Hole, he wriggled his way out of it. The way out of the prison was through the pipes under the Psychiatric ward, and he burnt that part of his back. An inmate (a kind of psycho one) figured out that his tattoo was a pathway, and that inmate was sent back into the Psych ward. So Scofield pretended to lose it so he gets sent into the loony bin and ask that inmate to recall the map he saw.

Isn’t he just such a genius? (fine, credits go to whoever made that up!!! :) )

There’s a part where it was revealed that Scofield had something called Low Latent Inhibition. I researched about it. It’s some sort of condition where an individual processes a lot of things at a time, or like notice and process a lot of things that aren’t important. The shrink said that if a person with a low IQ has Low Latent Inhibition, that person would suffer from mental illness. But a person with high IQ that has LLI is considered a creative genius.

Michael Scofield is a creative genius.

It’s just so amazing how he figures out that stuff and really notices every single detail of everything.

I wish I had LLI…but I have to check out my IQ first. I think it already dropped to negative. Haha!

Scofield is played by Wentworth Miller. I don’t really know a lot about this guy, but he has nice hands. That’s tha first thing I noticed about him, his hands. He has Dumbledore fingers: ling and slender. They’re really…nice. And his eyes are extraordinary, which gets him a place in my Cute Guys list.

Another thing… I’ve been obssesing on Randy “The Legend Killer” Orton for two days already (I dreamt about him once and off it went). He’s a WWE Raw Superstar. He is hot and also raelly cute, in a cocky, arrogant and undeniably irritating but equally irresistible way. I just found out that he got suspended for two months some time ago for smoking pot backstage. Oooh, bad bad boy. Here he is. There are also some shower photos I found but they’re too…sexy to be posted here. Seriously, search for them. It’s all Randy and a towel. ;)

>A Welcome Distraction


>At last, the last project of the week was just completed awhile ago. (Okay, not really completed…there are still some tweaking to be done. And some additions…okay, never mind. I don’t wanna think about it right now) Three big projects due and all we got were five measly days to do them (because we procrastinated! whahaha!).

The past few days were just HELL ON EARTH. It’s a miracle I lived to see Friday. I feel like just collapsing right now.

But amidst all the frenzy of this earthly Hades, there is still one thing that made me look forward to school.


Christ Tiu!


Chris Tiu. Jersey #17 of the Ateneo Blue Eagles.

Okay. I admit, I’ve never been that interested in the UAAP. True, I’ve heard his name several times whilst I was still in high school, but I never payed much attention. I like basketball, but after I was ten, I stopped watching games. My TV preference kinda shifted to wrestling, heeheehee.

Anyway, UAAP season 69 was just over, and we lost. We only got second place, but hey. Life’s not perfect! They did their best and I’m proud of them. I failed to watch the first two games of the championship (the first one, I didn’t know about. the secondone, we didn’t have electricity.) I wasn’t really planning to watch the thrid one, but the promise of “suspension of classes” if we win and some USTe friends of mine texting and taunting me (because I’m the only Atenean they know) fuelled me to tune in. We still didn’t have electricity then, so I watched the first quarter in the caf on the TV with really really bad reception (all I could see was static; I can’t even tell if the ball went in when someone shoots). The next two quarters I missed because I was commanded by dear ol’ mummy to come home ’cause we’re gonna transfer to some apartell. She took forever to pack. Luckily, I managed to catch the fourth and the OT.

I love sports and am always excited when I’m really into what I’m watching. Just sitting in front of that small ass TV transported me back to high school. The relentless cheering when my team got the ball, the suspended heartbeat, holding my breath, heart soaring when we score and dropping when we don’t.. It was just so much fun. Of course, I was devastated when we lost. I admit, I’m not a Blue Eagle fanatic like others, but I’d want my school to win. Still, it’s okay. If it’s not for us, it’s not.

So, after that long-rambling intro…on to Chris Tiu. I knew of him, as I said, since high school. I’ve seen him in a couple of magazines so I knew what he looked like. So one day, when my blockmates and I had to go to the computer lab, I saw him sitting on the bench at the side, reading a newspaper. I wasn’t too sure that that was him, until I saw him again a few weeks later in that same spot. (This was after the last game) I wanted to say hi, show some support or something, but I was afraid I’d scare him away or maybe upset him even more.

It’s weird when you notice someone, it’s like, you suddenly see that someone everywhere. I started to see him walking around campus often. We’re even in the same building at the same time (although his classroom is at the thrid floor…). I’ve been telling my friends about those “encounters” (I make him sound like a paranormal entity) and they want to see him, too. So today, lucky lucky day for my dear friend Joycee. We were walking to our Fil class. It was going to be held in a different building because our original classroom somehow lost its LCD projector. On our way, I was already thinking that I won’t get to see Chris today ’cause of the new venue.

I was pleasantly surprised. I froze on my tracks and, as discreetly as possible (although I was obvious, if they had good eyes) that Chris was standing right in front of us, wearing a red shirt and twirling a roll of white cartolina. We “casually” went past him and then giggled to death when we thought he was out of earshot.

He is just so cute.

He’s a good ball player, too.

And apparently a very industrious and brainy student.

And a nice guy.

What more could you ask for?


As usual, all the good ones are taken, and that includes him. :(

As if I have a chance, right? Oh well.