My Utterly Useless Goal: 100 K-Dramas by End of 2016

Before anyone starts judging and telling me what a horrible waste of time this is, let me tell you that yes, I know that, and I agree to an extent.

But just think about how much television an average person watches (unless, you know, they’re one of those people who don’t watch/own a TV, or live under a rock). Upon quick Googling, the average American watches about 5 hours of TV per day. This isn’t even including things streamed online. Let’s assume that the rest of the world doesn’t watch as much TV, so let’s bring down that average to say, 2hrs. of TV per day. That’s 365 days x 120min. = 43,800mins. Multiplied by 10, that’s 438,000mins. of TV viewing for 10 years. 2hrs. is like watching 2.5 episodes of a US TV series per day, which I think is pretty low compared to reality. I mean, Netflix has been stealing sleep from millions of people for so long.

Now, on to Korean dramas. They’re like 16-episode rom-coms, which one can’t find in western shows. Well, not all of them are rom-coms. There are social commentaries that tackle issues that resonate with most of us. There are also police procedurals, supernatural, fantasy, you name it. Also, they are much much less sexualized that I can safely watch one in public, in front of kids, or my mother. Their one-shot nature makes sure that the production goes all out, because there’s no “making it up next season”.

K-dramas are usually 16-20 episodes, 1 hr. each. There are web dramas that have 10-12 episodes that are only 15mins. each. There are mini dramas that only have 2-5 episodes. Rarely are there 2nd seasons (I can name only three), and almost never with the exact same cast. I saw my first k-drama back in 2006, but I thought it was a one-time thing, until 2011, when they became a sort of guilty pleasure. I hit my all-time high in 2014 because I used k-drama as a means for coping. This year, I realized that I have seen 60 k-dramas since 2006 until early 2016, so I challenged myself to make it a round 100 by the end of the year.

Why? Because I can, and it’s fun.

And it supplements my learning of the language.

Let’s see. I won’t even adjust for web dramas and mini dramas. Let’s say I watch 100 18-episode dramas. That’s 100 x 18 x 60mins = 108,000mins. of viewing. That’s only a quarter of the average daily viewing for 10 years.

Even if I cut the world average TV viewing time in half, since I only truly actively watched since 2011, then that’d still amount to 219,000mins. of viewing, twice as much compared to my k-drama’s 108k.

So yeah, this challenge wastes less time than one might actually think.

Alright, now that I’ve presented my case and calculations, on to my list!

Dramas I’ve Completed


My Girl


Personal Taste
City Hunter
Scent of a Woman

Subtotal: 3


Boys Over Flowers
Playful Kiss
Oh My Lady
Secret Garden
Coffee Prince

Subtotal: 8


To the Beautiful You
Wild Romance
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Subtotal: 3


My Love From the Stars
Moon Embracing the Sun
Dream High
Reply 1994
Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Night Watchmen’s Journal
49 Days
You’re All Surrounded
The Heirs
Dr. Stranger
I Can Hear Your Voice
You’re Beautiful
Emergency Couple
Rooftop Prince
Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Innocent Man
3 Days
Modern Farmer
Panda and Hedgehog
Surplus Princess
King of Dramas
Master’s Sun
Three Musketeers

Subtotal: 25


Marry Him If You Dare
Cunning Single Lady
The Girl Who Can See Smells
Dr. Frost
Warm and Cozy
God’s Quiz Season 1
The Producers
The Time We Were Not In Love
She Was Pretty

Subtotal: 13


Reply 1988
Oh My Venus
My Fair Lady
The Village: Achiara’s Secret
High End Crush
Hello Monster
Cantabile Tomorrow
Ex-Girlfriend Club
Cheese in the Trap
Six Flying Dragons
Neighborhood Hero
One Sunny Day
Liar Game
Come Back, Ahjussi
Descendants of the Sun
Goodbye Mr. Black
Baker King, Kim Tak Gu
Vampire Detective
Lucky Romance
Scholar Who Walks the Night
Bong Soon: A Cyborg in Love
Missing Noir M

Subtotal: 23

Total: 76/100

Dramas I’m Currently Watching

38 Task Force
Let’s Fight, Ghost
Uncontrollably Fond

Dramas On Hold/To Finish

Protect the Boss
7th Grade Civil Servant
Reply 1997
Witch’s Romance
That Winter the Wind Blows*
A Man Called God
God’s Quiz 2
Hotel King*

*Last one episode left!!!

Dramas On Queue

Scarlet Letter
Love in the Moonlight
Mirror of the the Witch
Jang Yeong Shil
Wonderful Mama
Nine Times Time Travel
It’s OK that’s Love
The Virus
The End of the World
Nightmare Teacher
Grandpa Investigation Squad
Page Turner

Okay, as you can see, I still have 24 dramas to watch, and 4 months left in the year. Of course, my strategy is to go for web and mini dramas, and ones with the least number of episodes. Haha. I’ll create a separate page for this challenge, which will serve as a masterlist that links to reviews for each.

If any of you have good, short dramas to recommend, I’d appreciate it! 😀

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