Yanked out from my mom’s insides some time in the late ’80s, I spent my childhood dreaming of selling my crayon drawings in the park nearby. I crossed the threshold of teenhood believing that it would be just like a teen movie. I waited, expected, emo-ed, angst-ed, cheesy’d, got disappointed, and got over it.

I write. I doodle. I’m hoping to make something out of it.

I remember almost every dream I have when I wake up.

I watch horror movies alone.

I like traveling alone.

I speak 4 languages, and am learning another one soon.

I badly need to go to the gym.

I’m body positive, and I believe people can be beautiful at any size, but dying of a heart attack or liver cancer isn’t really pretty, so I’m trying to take care of mine.

When I’m not trying to escape reality (through writing fanfics, reading books, watching endless shows and movies, and daydreaming), I earn my keep as a digital media artist and counter-of-buttons. Because it’s in my blood, I will one day soon start my own business in the hopes of contributing to the Philippine job market.

In my spare time, besides blogging and doing things to blog about later, I spend my time getting as much sleep as I can. I also stare out the window, imagining a day when I don’t have to worry about money anymore and how I’d spend it reading and writing stories, giving away scholarships to as many children as I can, volunteering locally and abroad, and doing my duty as a Christian of spreading the Word.